Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Committee
Application and Selection Procedures
The Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Committees (JAC) has adopted the following Selection Procedures for its Apprenticeship Program. The procedures, as stated, shall be uniformly maintained and consistently applied to all parties interested in the Apprenticeship Program.
1.    AGE: Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age before the time of assignment for an apprenticeship and they must furnish proof of age. To qualify, a copy of a birth certificate or valid drivers license is required.
2.    EDUCATION: Applicants must be a high school graduate before the time or assignment for an apprenticeship or have attained a General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.) or High School Equivalency Diploma (H.S.E.D.)
3.    MINIMUM MATH: Applicants must have completed one (1) full year of high school algebra with a minimum passing grade of “C”, or its equivalency which is defined as one (1) of the following:
a.    One (1) full year of high school Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, or Calculus that are satisfactorily completed with a passing grade of “C”.
b.    One (1) post-high school course in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, or Calculus.
c.    Successful completion of the Interactive ModuMath Algebra course (available through the Wisconsin Technical College System).
d.    Successful completion of the online NJATC Tech Math course, available at: www.njatc.org.
Note: to qualify as an equivalent, each course is required to be satisfactorily completed in its entirety, and each course will be considered separately. Transcripts must clearly state “Algebra”, “Geometry”, “Trigonometry”, or “Calculus”, or a statement from the school must be provided, stating that the class taken was the equivalent of one year of high school algebra or its equivalent.
4.    APTITUDE TEST: Applicants must attain established norms on the NJATC Apprentice Selection Test Battery (Developed and validated by the American Institutes for Research.) Arrangements for testing are made by the committee.
5.    PHYSICAL ABILITY: Applicants must present or sign a statement that he or she is physically able to perform electrical construction work with or without reasonable accommodation of a disability. Applicants who reach employable status must successfully pass a drug screen test before placement in the field.
6.    TRANSCRIPTS: Applicants must provide official transcript(s) of high school and (if minimum math requirements listed elsewhere) post-high School transcript showing courses and grades attained.
7.    DRIVERS LICENSE: Applicants must the ability to get to school and work on a timely and consistent basis anywhere within the committee’s jurisdiction.
Year-Round Applications:
The JACs have selected a procedure for issuing and accepting applications for apprenticeship to all potential applicants on predetermined and published dates at a designated location or locations. The frequency of application acceptance varies throughout the state.
The JAC will also make applications available by appointment under one of the two following circumstances: a) applicants’ service in the U.S. Armed Forces precludes them from making application on the specified date, or b) applicants reside outside of the State of Wisconsin and personal travel to and from the application site may result in undue economic burden. If applicants are granted application by appointment, the JAC reserves the right to stipulate the date, time, and location of the application processing.
Note: The time, number of days or weeks of the month the JAC will issue application forms may be changed by the JAC at any time—with proper notification given to the BAS and to all other interested parties.
The JAC will notify the BAS and any other appropriate parties (including recognized outreach groups, affirmative action groups, and community-based organizations), as indicated in the JAC’s approved Affirmative Action Plan, semi-annually, informing them of its year-round application procedure—including the nature of apprenticeship, requirements for admission to apprenticeship, availability of apprenticeship opportunities, sources of apprenticeship applications, and the equal opportunity policy of the sponsor.
General Rules Concerning Applications and Record-Keeping:
1.    Application forms will be made available exclusively by the JAC. 
2.    Anyone expressing an interest in making application with the JAC, and requesting an application, will be issued an application form during the application period regardless of any other consideration.
NOTE: Even those individuals thought not to meet minimum qualifications for
entry into the apprenticeship program will be issued an application form. Their application will be processed and the proper documentation and notifications will be maintained and provided according to these procedures.
                        INTERVIEW PROCEDURES
1.    The JAC will determine how often interviews will be conducted. If a fixed interview schedule is established (e.g., monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually), the JAC will notify the BAS of the dates as part of its semi-annual notice. If the JAC decides to interview on an as-needed basis, the BAS will be notified of the scheduled interviews as minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the first interview dates. Interviews shall be conducted in accordance with the notification supplied to the BAS.
2.    All applicants meeting the qualifications for interview will be listed in the order in which they are to be interviewed. The order of interview will be determined by the date the application form was issued. The first applicant to complete his or her application will be interviewed first. Where several applicants completed their applications on the same date, they will be interviewed in the order in which the application forms were issued (the applicant with the lowest application number will be interviewed first.)
3.    Interview sessions will be scheduled to allow for the interviewing of all applicants who qualify for an oral interview before selection.
4.    Applicants who qualify for an oral interview will be notified in writing and via certified postal delivery, as to the time, location, and date of their interview.
5.    The applicant will be called before the JAC and their identification confirmed by signing their name. Applicants will be put at ease by introduction and brief general conversation with the committee members. Interviewers will be sensitive to the fact that this is an important step for the applicant, and that they very well be under some minor stress and/or nervous tension. Therefore, it is imperative that proper interviewing techniques and decorum be employed at all times (See Appendix N – Interview Guide.)
6.    JAC members will ask questions of the applicant with the purpose in mind of determining as much as possible about them as an individual, and their capacity to become an apprentice and eventually a journeylevel worker. The applicant will be interviewed and evaluated with due consideration of industry standards and needs. Applicants will not be judged against, or compared to, other applicants being interviewed. They will be rated based upon the standards and needs of the industry, as a whole. The Interview Rating Form will provide a summary of the questions asked of the applicant and responses to said questions. On the Rating Form, each interviewer will indicate (by circling) the questions that were asked of an applicant and how they rated the applicant in each area. Interviewers should select one of the three versions offered for each question (e.g., A, B, or C), and ask that same version of all applicants within the pool or session.
7.    Before being excused from the interview, applicants will be provided with a summary information sheet (See Appendix O) that explains the functions, procedures, and features of the Ranked Waiting List of Eligible Apprenticeship Applicants. Within two (2) weeks following the interview, the committee shall issue to each applicant who participated a letter acknowledging their participation in the interview process and reiterating the function, features, and procedures associated with the Ranked Waiting List (See Appendix P.) Applicants will be informed that that they shall remain on the Ranked Waiting List, subject to selection, for a period of two (2) years from the date of their oral interview. They will be informed that, on the second anniversary date, their eligibility shall expire.
8.    Interview assessments will take into account:
A.   Education – Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Math, Physical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing/Drafting, Computer Literacy/Programming, Related Vocational/Technical courses, etc. Attendance records and grades received will be reviewed along with work history, experience, and past performance.
B.   Ability to punctually report for On-the-Job Training assignments and related instructional classes on a regular and continuous basis.
C.   Factors which are brought out during the oral interview process, such as:
1.    Interest in Apprenticeship and the Electrical Construction trade
2.    Personal character
3.    Cooperativeness
4.    Judgment
5.    Ability to develop alternative solutions and choose the best alternative to a problem.
6.    Ability to plan and organize tasks to meet deadlines.
7.    Ability to maintain good relations with others in a work setting.
8.    Ability to work smoothly with others as a team to complete a task.
9.    Ability to be self-motivated, responsible, and dependable without close supervision.
10.Ability to remain calm in an emergency situation.
11.Ability to understand verbal instructions.
12.Ability to communicate orally with others.
D.   Rating of individual applicants shall be done against a standard of what the industry needs; not as a comparison to the other applicants.
9.    Applicants may be re-interviewed by the JAC at the next, planned interview session (following their initial interview) if they have gained at least 500 hours of work experience in the electrical construction industry or have completed two (2) or more post-secondary, trade-related courses. The applicant must provide documentation of the work hours and/or coursework, and must complete a new application form via the normal application procedures delineated above. The JAC will review the request and documentation, and will determine whether or not a re-interview is justified. This provision shall be equitably applied to all applicants.
10.The JAC will place all individuals currently active on the Ranked Waiting List in ranked order. The ranked list will identify each individual’s: rank, name, application number, date of interview, average final score to within two decimal places, and eligibility expiration date. The JAC will review and approve the Ranked Waiting List before distribution commences. Upon approval by the committee and prior to selection and contract of any applicant entering the apprenticeship program through the selection procedures, a final copy of the complete ranked list will be filed with the BAS and copies distributed to committee members as well as the committee’s designated assigning agent.
11.When new interviews are scheduled and completed, the JAC will add the newly interviewed applicants to its existing ranked list of applicants. Whenever a new ranked list is created, a copy will be provided to the BAS. All lists will be maintained by the JAC for a minimum of five (5) years.
  1. The number of new apprentices to be selected, at any time, will be determined by the JAC, based upon industry needs and the JAC’s ability to ensure proper training by the apprenticeship partners.

  2. Selection of individuals from the ranked list of interviewed applicants will not take place until all pre-scheduled interview sessions have been completed.  The BAS shall be promptly notified of all individuals entering the apprenticeship program through the ranked waiting list, through the organizing provision, through the fifty percent provision (signature of union authorization cards by fifty percent or more of workers), or through the parent-child provision (State DWD Administrative Code provision 295.10).

  3. The actual selection of individuals will be made by using the current ranked list, staring with the top score and continuing on, in descending order, until the desired number of accepted applicants has been reached—excluding those entering through the organizing provision, the fifty-percent rule, or the parent-child provision.

  4. All selected applicants will be notified of the JAC’s offer of apprenticeship in writing, via regular, first-class postal delivery.
    It is the intent of the JAC, in perpetuation of the basic skills required in the construction industry, to comply with all Federal and State Standards required in the selection and placement of apprentice applicants.  The recruitment, selection, employment, and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship, shall be without discrimination because of age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, creed, handicap, marital status, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest record, conviction record, or membership in the military forces of the United States or this State.  The sponsor will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 30, the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, and all other applicable federal and state laws.