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[ These are PDF files and require ACROBAT READER ] 4/30/2013UnknownDownload
Apprentice (Student) LMS System Explanation (2016)8/16/2016622.83Download
Apprentice Blended Learning/LMS Instructions8/7/20151,342.99Download
Construction Work Time Card Codes6/10/201414.20Download
DSPS 2011 SPS 316 (formerly Comm 16) Rev. 8/201412/30/2015183.32Download
DSPS Electrical Apprentice Application Form (Rev. 02/2016)2/23/2016244.89Download
DSPS Journeyworker Electrician Application Form (Rev. 09/2016)12/1/2016358.65Download
DSPS Master Electrician Application Form (Rev. 09/2016)12/1/2016364.54Download
DSPS Registered Electrician Application Form (Rev. 02/2016)2/23/2016243.68Download
DSPS Registered Master Electrician Application Form (Rev. 02/2016)2/23/2016254.01Download
DSPS Residential Electrical Apprentice Application Form (Rev. 02/2016)2/23/2016245.97Download
DSPS Residential Journeyworker Electrician Form (Rev. 09/2016)12/1/2016360.55Download
DSPS Residential Master Electrician Application Form (Rev. 09/2016)12/1/2016360.34Download
DSPS Trades Credentialing Exams F.A.Q. Rev. 11/201512/30/201531.39Download
Employer Application to Train a New Apprentice2/13/20122,233.02Download
Green Bay JATT Apprentice Reimbursement Form Rev. 05/20155/11/201515.28Download
Green Bay JATT Apprentice Reimbursement Form Slips Rev. 05/20155/11/201542.00Download
Green Bay JATT Apprentice Reimbursement Policy Rev. 08/20145/11/2015116.13Download
Kenosha Area JATT Travel Reimbursement Form Rev. 01/20171/16/2017153.44Download
Madison Area JATT Travel Reimbursement Form Rev. 01/20171/16/2017152.67Download
Madison Area JATT/Madison College Reimbursement TUTORIAL1/16/20143,428.98Download
Madison College New Student Account Creation Form8/20/2013924.54Download
Madison College Online Registration Information8/9/2012165.40Download
Madison College Registration Add Drop Request Form8/20/2013874.75Download
Madison JATT Apprentice Reimbursement Policy Rev. 12/20158/22/201633.72Download
Madison JATT Apprentice Tuition Reimbursement Form Rev. 12/20158/22/201613.52Download
Racine Area JAC Authorized Signers for Evaluation Forms Rev. 6/20166/13/2016422.73Download
Racine Area JATT Travel Reimbursement Form Rev. 01/20171/16/2017153.46Download
Racine JATT Apprentice Book Reimbursement Form Rev. 09/20159/11/201514.30Download
Racine JATT Apprentice Reimbursement Policy Rev. 09/20159/11/201529.77Download
Southcentral WI Area JATT Travel Reimbursement Form Rev. 01/20171/16/2017152.72Download
VA Monthly Work Hours Form12/16/20134,176.38Download
Western WI JATT Travel Reimbursement Form Rev. 01/20171/16/2017156.30Download
Western WI JW Reimbursement Form1/16/201425.61Download
Western WI JW Reimbursement Policy Statement10/3/201214.32Download
Wisconsin Apprenticeship Manual9/3/20132,474.26Download
Wisconsin Standards for the Electrical Standards (Revised 03/10/2014)6/10/2014122.72Download
Wisconsin Technical Assistance Guide (TAG)10/26/20157,478.49Download