Basic Voice, Data, Video Apprenticeship Program Information:

The Madison Area TeleCommunications Voice, Data, Video Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) acts in an advisory capacity to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Division of Employment and Training, Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards. If you are selected for an apprenticeship, and all conditions are normal, you will be contracted to the JAC. You will then be assigned to an employer by virtue of a letter of assignment.

The apprenticeship program is three years in duration, consisting of four thousand eight hundred (4,800) hours of On The Job Training, four hundred thirty two (432) hours of Paid Related Instruction (traditionally day school classes), and you will be required to attend several courses of Unpaid Related Instruction (traditionally night school classes). You will be required to perform at your level in OJT and maintain good grades in PRI and URI in order to advance in wage rates and stay in the program.

After the assignment and the registration process is completed, you will participate in an Orientation Session. During the orientation, you will be introduced to the Local Standards, Policy Statements, and the Apprenticeship Contract.

The Local Standards are a written document outlining apprentice, committee, and employer responsibilities and government regulations. Local Standards are, for the most part, based on State Standards.

The Policy Statements are written rules, regulations, and obligations outlining area committee operations and procedures.

As an apprentice, you will be required to meet the obligations of the above stated documents, participate in all required instruction and follow the instructions of the Committee.